Our Story

We first adopted Mr Pink, a tabby which was surrendered to the RSPCA from a household of 30+ cats/kittens. We then nursed a sick feral kitten named Forrest, which sadly left us a few months later. Then I found Possum dumped whilst driving to a job on a rural dirt road, left for dead as an 6-8 week old kitten. We nursed her back to good health and she is now loving life. Finally, on a walk into town my son Gene, heard a meow in the grass and that when we met a gorgeous ginger kitten we later named Milo after he to was brought home and nursed to good health. What we believe is they found us and we love them all.

We knew they needed to be safe and we believe the eco systems we live in and with is becoming unbalanced; one problem which can make a difference is cats kept out of the enviroment where possible. We decided to create an external space to ensure our threes cats mental wellbeing and physical health were developed and nurtured. That is when we created an 8m x 2m x 1.8m Catio attached to the side of our house. That is where our story begins.

What we offer

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